Charles Sherrod – The ‘GHOST’ Series of Novels in Review

The Ghost (42)Here is a somewhat unusual departure for me – in that it is the first time I have reviewed a mystery /suspense /action novel series. The creator of this particular series, author and artist Charles Sherrod Jr, lives in Texas, although originally a native of Joliet, Illinois.  

Sherrod, I have to say, is somewhat of a rarity in this genre, and as such, difficult to quantify. In terms of that he not only a skillful artist with a unique style and  consummate skill, (his work is wonderfully illustrated) – but he is a good story-teller to boot – his major, and for that matter, minor characters, are wonderfully fleshed out in three bold, vibrant dimensions. His tales of the eponymous, technology wielding anti-hero, 62 year-old Dr. Gordon Vincent, leave Sherrod’s reader both thrilled and engaged. The author manages to introduce a subtle injection of sufficient mystery regarding the central dark protagonist as the story unfolds, who was once an outlaw – but now turned hero – ‘The Ghost’. That particular literary device is effectively used here, and ensures that his readers are always left wanting more. As with any good hero, there is also a growing empathy instilled in us for Vincent’s tortured character; these really are the essential ingredients in any series and has hopefully given it longevity. After all, these type of stories inherently require equal emphasis on all sides of the equation to achieve a good balance.  Charles Sherrod Jr achieves this seemingly effortlessly with his ‘Ghost’ series.

The first outing for ‘The Ghost’, was published in November of 2013 – although the author originally had the initial idea of the character many years previous to this – in fact, ‘The Ghost’ having gone through several incarnations before arriving at the perfected character he has now created. There are currently 7 novels in the series:  The latest, and eighth installment of this popular series, to be entitled ‘Gods & Legends’, will be released in the very near future. I am hesitant to reveal too much – simply because I really don’t want to spoil it for any potential reader – but suffice it to say Charles Sherrod or his creation, Dr. Gordon Vincent, never disappoint. Here, for your perusal, is the briefest extract from his soon to be released ‘Gods & Legends’.

 ‘…With quiet still eyes, she grabs another. Images of ancient cults worshipping mighty gods and mythological beings litter its pages. The images send a bit of icy joy through her.  The blood. The carnage. “Nice…,” she whispers. With her attention diverted, she fails to notice a pair of eyes watching her. A man, staring at her from the shadows. His tea shade glasses hide his steely gaze that has focused on her since she entered this place. Knowing that she is looking for something quite unique. Something he knows of. He steps out of the shadows. “So….you seek a tale of legend, do you not? The legend of Dawn City,” he says. His gloating British accent barely attracts her attention as she gazes at his approach.  “No…..I do not,” she groans.  She continues to read, but listening intently as his footsteps grow closer.

“Then what do you seek? From days long past, comes a legend  who once protected a city from the nights when evil would roam it’s streets and madmen would rule it’s dark corners. Claiming the darkness as his own. This is what you seek.” As he comes within a few feet of her, she swiftly unsheathes a long blade from under her cloak. Holding it across the side of his neck. “I am not fooled by you. Now leave me or I will slice you in half,” she says.  He delivers a sharp smile as the blades sheen reflects off his lenses. “You do not trust me? Let me give you a reason to….trust me,” he says. He grips the blade with his left hand. Sliding it down, leaving a trail of dripping blood. “I can bring you what you seek. The legend itself……the dark guardian of Dawn City.”

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