Challenger Unbound

Read: 'An Unnatural Selection' by Ian M. Faulkner

An Unnatural Selection

My particular story contained in this wonderful anthology from Knightwatch Press titled ‘An Unnatural Selection’ holds a special place in my heart.  Like many readers before me, I’ve long been enamored with the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and having the opportunity to enlarge on the canon of the great man’s fictional character, Professor Edward George Challenger, the renowned Edwardian naturalist and adventurer, was a dream come true.  I was lucky enough to be working with editor and author Michael R Brush whose knowledge of Doyle’s works is encyclopedic and eye for historical accuracy spot on. The story wouldn’t have been as good without his valuable input, and I was grateful. As to the anthology itself, I was lucky enough to be included with the likes of Simon Kurt Unsworth, whom I’ve shared anthology pages before, and J.R Campbell – just two of the immensely talented authors in this tome.

‘An Unnatural Selection’ © Ian M. Faulkner, 2015