Ian M. Faulkner


Robert had a secret. He wanted a normal life, kids, a job and a wife. But that seemed unreachable. Then he met the old lady in the park. And his life would never be the same again. Be careful what you wish for.

Here, for your reading pleasure is a short extract from Emmy….

The old woman turned to Robert. Her eyes had become as deep, black, and cold as a winter’s sea. They held a look that froze him to the core. He knew instinctively that something here wasn’t right. He wanted to leave, but he was held to the bench as if he had been bound up in its rough, graffiti splashed surface by the woman’s anger and pain.

‘The baby was always crying. Night after night she sobbed. I couldn’t bear to look at her half the time, let alone comfort her. I was too wrapped up in myself and my own troubles. Too involved with what was dead, instead of with what was still alive.

‘It was about three months after she was born, early on a December morning…very early, still dark outside. Freezing cold. Emmy was crying again, so I brought her down to the park, by the pond, to show her the ducks.  The water had bits of ice on it.  I don’t know why, but I waded in… to give her a bath, that’s what I told myself I was doing…

© Ian M. Faulkner

Emmy by Ian M. Faulkner