Works In Progress
IMG_3114I’m currently working on three novels.


The first one has a working title of Medium Rare. That title may well change, as I’m not yet convinced that it has sufficient grab you by the balls pulling power. It is being written with a young adult marketplace in mind. The genre, I guess, could be summed up as a supernatural thriller… with some dark humor kind of laced into the mixture.


The second piece I’m currently working on is a genre that I’ve always loved, either in book or movie form. End of the world survivalist apocalyptic sci-fi horror! I can’t get enough of it! John Wyndham’s Day of the Triffids started it off for me. Since then I think I’ve read just about every book and seen just about every end of the world movie that is out there. This piece Edge of All Our Fears is my personal homage to all those zombie movies and tales I’ve known and loved. And to the immortal Charlton Heston who even now must be running around putting down the undead; saving humanities collective asses in that great Zombie land in the sky!


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