About Me



As a writer, I’ve always been fascinated by the darker side of the human condition as is self evident from my fiction work. I tend to draw heavily from my diverse life experiences for my often visceral and macabre tales.  I’ve had several short stories published in various countries; my  short Grandpa Billy was published by Ash-Tree press in Canada and gained an honorable mention from Ellen Datlow in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 17 and Rewind also was afforded the same honor in Best Horror Stories  for 2010.

I did an editing stint for Imprint Phoenix Publishing and I am now currently working on several independent fiction projects including a young adult supernatural/suspense novel with the provisional title Medium Rare and an ever popular zombie tome entitled Edge of All Our Fears. My Cryptozoological novel Cryptid will be released later on this year as will a revised edition of my popular psychological horror Rewind which will have a new forward.

I’m an American, although not by birth, and I live in TX.



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